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About HOBY NY Central

HOBY New York Central is proud of having a long history of serving the youth of our state.


 HOBY NY Central has around 150 students attend the Leadership Seminar Program every year. Held at one of the College or Universities in Central NY, the seminar operates with the help of almost 100 volunteers. These volunteers, many of whom went through the seminar themselves, work to provide students the opportunities learn about leadership, and service.  


Due to the selfless efforts of volunteers and the contributions of generous donors, over 9,500 students participate in HOBY programs annually throughout the country.

Selecting A Student

In September, HOBY mails Sophomore Selection Packet to every public, private and charter high school in the United States inviting them to select and register students to attend their U.S. State HOBY Leadership Seminar.


Schools are asked to determine their annual representatives and register the students online. 

To select your school’s representative, HOBY asks that you first promote the program to the entire sophomore class. Leadership ability surpasses race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status, so all sophomores should be considered in selecting your HOBY representative. You may distribute fliers, put up posters, make announcements to the student body, hold an assembly, and/or encourage all teachers affiliated with the sophomore class to mention the program to their students. Your school’s representatives from previous years are great for leading this effort to promote HOBY and can share their own experiences with the current sophomores.


Encourage all 10th graders to learn more about HOBY by visiting

Refer all interested candidates to a specific school counselor who will lead the selection process. Your school may choose to do a face-to-face interview about the student’s desire to represent the school, an essay contest about leadership, or create your own creative idea!

Once a student is selected you will log in to the REGISTRATION PAGE with the information sent to the school administrator or counselor. If you need help specifically with your log in information you can email with your school name, school's mailing address and phone number.

We recommend using the Registration Worksheet to help with registration, it contains all of the information that will be requested when registering online.

If you have questions or concerns throughout the process you can e-mail the Director of Recruitment at

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